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Click Tracks (part 2)

Last month we addressed the necessity of click/tempo tracks with audio file based recording projects. This month we’ll the subject of midi based recording and the click track.

Scratch tracks based on midi files are almost always done with a click track (or tempo track) and many times quantized or partially quantized. Normally it’s pretty easy to either export a click or record one on a separate midi track. One easy way to manually record a click is to record a cowbell or woodblock sound for a few bars, quantize it, then copy and paste throughout the length of the song.

As mentioned in last month’s Roundtable don’t forget the count off at the start of the song. If you didn’t record a count off when you began the tracking process you can add one later. To do this record enable an empty track then start the song. After the song plays for a few bars start counting or clapping quarter notes (you’ll be recording this counting/clapping into the empty track while your song plays). Stop the recording after a few measures and then edit the count-off onto the front the song.

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