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Recording Process and Preparation for Drum Tracks

The most frequent email I receive has to do with how to get the recording process started and what materials the client needs to provide for me to supply them with drum tracks.

In an ideal recording situation I prefer to receive the client’s scratch track that includes all the necessities (correct form/length, ensemble hits, etc.) of what will end up being on the final track. I’ll then supply the drum tracks and the client will record his tracks (keys, guitar, vocals, etc.) and subsequently build the song on top of what I provide. This method is the most common way to track a song and generally yields the best results with minimal or no editing.

The other method is when the client provides already completed, polished tracks and wants live drums retro-fitted. This method will certainly work but is less desirable since the nature of drums and their perceived role is to be the tempo reference for the rest of the band. This process certainly works but will most likely require some form of audio editing to make one or more of the backing tracks feel in place with the others.

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