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My acoustic drum tracks are recorded with a combination of Gretsch and modern era Fibes (maple) drums.

I have an extensive cymbal collection ranging from paper-thin cymbals to extra heavy rides. I have enough bronze to cover all your musical situations/genres. Let me know if you have any preferences.

My electronic/programmed sounds come from many, many sources and are played through a variety of sequencers (primarily Akai) and VST plug-ins.

Snare Drums

Below are some of my snare drums.

    • Ludwig Brass 6.5x14  
    • Keplinger Steel 6.5x14  
    • 1963 Ludwig Jazz Combo  
    • 1964 Ludwig Supra 5x14  
    • Pork Pie 5x12  
    • Gretsch Maple 6.5x14  
    • 70s Ludwig Acrolite 5x14  
    • Ludwig Black Beauty 3x13  
    • Yamaha JR Robinson 5.5x14  
    • Ludwig Frankenstein 5x14  
    • Ludwig Supra 6.5x14  
    • 1971 Ludwig Supra 5x14  
    • Ludwig Brass 5x14  
    • 80s Yamaha Brass Piccolo  

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