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How It Works

After our intial contact and agreement a 50% deposit must be sent with your tracks. Payments may be (postal) mailed or sent via Pay Pal.

I will need the following things from you: 1) Your scratch tracks for my reference. 2) A click track, preferably with a count-off, recorded on a separate track. A 1/4 note click is the default value however an 1/8 note click is requested for tempos at 74BPM or slower. 3) A chart. A simple lead sheet or rhythm section chart is fine. If you don't have one, we'll work something out. 4) Please let me know any general musical preferences you have or if you have a particular song, groove, or drummer you'd like to have your track modeled after. 5) Before sending your tracks please make sure they all start at the same time and are all the same length.

After completion an mp3 will be emailed or uploaded to an FTP site for your approval. Upon approval you will be required to remit your remaining balance. You can then choose for your completed tracks to be either postal mailed to you on a CDR or placed on an FTP site for you to download.

You'll receive a reference stereo mix along with all individual mono drum and percussion tracks. All individual tracks will be sent "dry" with no effects. The tracks can be sent in variety of different formats (.wav, .aiff, etc.). Please contact me with your preference. If there are any questions regarding the process please contact me and I will walk you through, step by step.

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