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"As always you have delivered an exceptional product. I used to find drummers to bring into my studio and spend several hours to record drum tracks. Now I just send it to you and it comes back better than what I had expected. I don't have to set up drums, mic and EQ any more and best of all I don't have to schedule a specific time to meet with someone. The service you provide is excellent and has helped our Theater Company immensely. "
Karl Gasteyer, Cornerstone Productions

Phil is like a sharpshooter; he is dead on target every time. Phil is by far the best drummer that I have worked with. He is so versatile and can sound like anyone from Mitch Mitchell to whoever your favorite drummer is. His drum tracks are extremely high quality and will save money.  If you hire a traditional session drummer, after the studio expense, he has to set up the drums and then learn your song (which can take hours). What Phil does takes several days of drum work, and consolidates it into one ready to go cd. It has worked out great for me, and I will continue to use his service.
Charlie King, solo artist

Phil delivers not only rock solid, but groovin' drum tracks. He's a consummate professional in all areas of his service and performance. Super fast turnaround and excellent understanding of what a person is trying to accomplish and brings that through in his performance / tracks. His services are well worth the price, and I expect I'll be working with him on most if not all my tracks for my upcoming CD!
Rumaldo Ortiz / Angel Edge Award winning blues and rock / metal guitarist composer.

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